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  • Key dates and deadlines throughout the academic year

    [[Tags: schedule]], [[Tags: deadlines]], [[Tags: dates]]
  • Online student handbook with guidelines about academic integrity at MIT

    [[Tags: cheating]], [[Tags: plagiarism]], [[Tags: honor code]], [[Tags: COD]], [[Tags: Committee on Discipline]], [[Tags: conduct]]
  • Supports students dealing with issues related to alcohol and other drug abuse, stress, and violence

    [[Tags: addiction]], [[Tags: substance abuse]], [[Tags: drinking]], [[Tags: overdose]]
  • MIT Alumni can offer valuable and insightful guidance on launching careers, next moves, or navigating career changes

    [[Tags: network(40)]], [[Tags: mentor]], [[Tags: professional]]
  • Information on financial and other resources that can help make life as a student more affordable

    [[Tags: money]], [[Tags: food]], [[Tags: emergency funds]]
  • Central resource for all things related to the arts

    [[Tags: music]], [[Tags: theater]], [[Tags: dance]], [[Tags: museum]], [[Tags: gallery]], [[Tags: performance]]
  • With ask.mit.edu, you can ask any question and a staff member from Student Support and Wellbeing will respond within 1 business day.

    [[Tags: help, depression, anxiety, ]]
  • Information and consultation about assistive technologies for students and staff with disabilities

    [[Tags: disabled]], [[Tags: blind]], [[Tags: deaf]], [[Tags: vision ]], [[Tags: hearing impaired]], [[Tags: ATIC]]
  •  Oversees student group activity and is the governing body of student groups on campus

    [[Tags: club]], [[Tags: ASA]]
  • MIT's Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (DAPER) is the home of intercollegiate, intramural, and club athletics as well as physical education and recreational programs

    [[Tags: team]], [[Tags: exercise]], [[Tags: DAPER]]


  • Provides facilities and services for events, lectures, and classes

    [[Tags: CAC]]
  • Browse MIT's events calendar to see what's happening around campus today or in the future.

  • Find locations, download maps, and learn more about the MIT campus.

  • The CARE Team (Coordination, Assistance, Response, and Education) helps students with challenges they may experience at MIT and provides a means for anyone in the community to express concern about a student

  • CAPD Helps students explore life goals, prepare for graduate school, pursue or change careers, and seek professional development

    [[Tags: job]], [[Tags: employment]], [[Tags: internship]]
  • Learn about upcoming Career Fairs, how to prepare, and other keys to a successful experience

  • Discipline-specific peer-coaching program to improve scientific writing, speaking, and visual design

    [[Tags: presentation]], [[Tags: poster]], [[Tags: paper]]
  • Offers classes, programs, and resources to help students make healthy choices

  • MIT guide to courses of study and degree requirements

    [[Tags: majors]], [[Tags: GIR]]
  • Student-created academic course planner

    [[Tags: GIR]]


  • Division of Student Life staff who can access a network of responders including MIT Police, MIT Medical, Student Support Services, Residential Life Program staff, and others

    Mon-Fri, 5 pm–9 am; 24 hours/day on weekends, holidays, or other days MIT is closed. Call 100 from any campus phone, or 617-253-1212. (Note: This number is staffed by the MIT Police; please ask to speak to the Dean on Call)

    [[Tags: emergency]]
  • Oversees in-house dining program and retail food service options

  • Services and resources for students with disabilities to ensure access to all of MIT's programs, activities, and services

    [[Tags: disabled]], [[Tags: handicap]], [[Tags: blind]], [[Tags: adhd]], [[Tags: dyslexia]], [[Tags: autism]], [[Tags: aspbergers]], [[Tags: adaptive technology]], [[Tags: SDS]]
  • Nationally and internationally competitive awards that fund research or graduate studies, offering opportunities to advance your learning, research, and career

    [[Tags: study abroad]], [[Tags: grant]]
  • DSL touches many aspects of life on campus, from housing and athletics to wellness and student activities

    [[Tags: dining]]
  • Website that helps students cultivate wellbeing through four areas, or pillars: care of the mind and body, fostering meaningful relationships, and finding purpose.

    [[Tags: Wellbeing, well-being, wellness, anxiety, depression, mental health]]
  • Video "microlessons" on a broad range of topics to help students navigate life at MIT, and beyond


  • Local classes, groups, tutoring, and online resources for English language learners

  • The Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship provides knowledge, support, and connections for MIT students interested in entrepreneurship

    [[Tags: startup]]
  • Oversees occupational safety and environmental sustainability on campus

    [[Tags: lab]], [[Tags: waste]], [[Tags: sustainability]], [[Tags: EHS]]
  • The Office of Experiential Learning offers diverse programs and learning opportunities with a hands-on approach, both on campus and around the world

    [[Tags: Edgerton Center]], [[Tags: D-Lab]], [[Tags: Concourse]], [[Tags: Terrascope]], [[Tags: Experimental Learning Group]], [[Tags: PKG]], [[Tags: public service]], [[Tags: learning community]]


  • Student-created course selection and scheduling tool

    [[Tags: GIR]]
  • Compilation of funding sources for student activities, programs, public service, and more

    [[Tags: money]], [[Tags: club]], [[Tags: group]]


  • Through MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives), students can participate in study abroad, research, internships, and public service around the world

  • Information about MIT's current international engagements and opportunities for global involvement

    [[Tags: research]], [[Tags: study abroad]], [[Tags: internships]], [[Tags: fellowships]], [[Tags: social entrepreneurship]]
  • Develops next-generation technical leaders equipped to address significant engineering problems in real-world situations

    [[Tags: GEL]]
  • Candid blog posts about life at MIT, written by a diverse group of graduate students

  • Advice and counsel for graduate students on a variety of issues including faculty/student relationships, funding, academic progress, and interpersonal concerns

  • Key representatives responsible for a broad range of services and resources for graduate students

    [[Tags: department]]
  • Free, 24-hour confidential service connecting graduate students and families to resources and referrals for various work-life issues, including legal and financial consultation; child care, school, and summer camp resources and referrals; relocation guidance; and career assessment.

    [[Tags: GAIN]]
  • Information about resources for families of graduate students, including parental leave, employment for spouses, and child care

  • Supports graduate students and their families who live in single graduate housing or in family housing

  • Student governing body that aims to enhance the overall graduate experience at MIT

    [[Tags: student governance]], [[Tags: GSC]], [[Tags: government]]
  • Fellowships and other sources of MIT and external funding, along with tips on the application process

  • Funding sources, financial literacy, taxes, and other graduate-specific financial information

    [[Tags: money]]
  • Distinguished international grants for grad students to study and conduct research abroad

  • GWAMIT, a subcommittee of the Graduate Student Council, promotes the personal and professional development of MIT's graduate women




  • Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) offers a wealth of information, strategies, and tools for a successful job or internship search


  • Connecting people across the Institute for conversation, cultural exchange and friendship

    [[Tags: English]]
  • Promotes a safe and supportive campus-wide community where lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, questioning individuals, and their allies are all welcomed as equals

  • The Student Activities Office (SAO) provides opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills in a variety of ways

  • Text hotline for anonymous, real-time support, powered by MIT students

    [[Tags: depression]], [[Tags: anxiety]], [[Tags: mental health]], [[Tags: mood]]
  • MIT Libraries offers resources and services at multiple locations for students, faculty, and staff

    [[Tags: research]], [[Tags: publications]], [[Tags: books]], [[Tags: thesis]]


  • Student liaisons between MIT Medical and undergraduates, to support their health and well-being 

    [[Tags: depression]], [[Tags: anxiety]], [[Tags: mental health]], [[Tags: mood]]
  • Directory of mentoring programs at MIT, as well as resources and information about cultivating mentoring relationships

  • Standards, guidelines, regulations, and procedures regarding general behavior and policies for all undergraduate and graduate students

    [[Tags: student conduct]], [[Tags: disciplinary]]
  • Dicounted tickets for local sporting events, movies, performances, and other events and activities

    [[Tags: MITAC]]
  • Emergency notifications, contacts, preparedness, and other resources

  • MIT EMS is a student-run 24/7 ambulance service for all medical emergencies on the MIT campus and in the surrounding community

    Call MIT Police Dispatch at 617-253-1212 

    [[Tags: EMS]], [[Tags: EMT]]
  • Information platform for organizations and programs in the MIT community

    [[Tags: clubs]], [[Tags: events]], [[Tags: groups]]
  • Strengthens MIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship landscape by connecting students, educational programs, and external partners to move ideas to impact

    [[Tags: startup]], [[Tags: mentor]], [[Tags: internship]]
  • Matches students with internship, research, and teaching opportunities abroad and facilitates international partnerships between faculty and universities, research institutes, and companies

    [[Tags: global]], [[Tags: study abroad]], [[Tags: MISTI]]
  • Central resource for physical and mental health and well-being

    [[Tags: health care]]
  • Acute-care service for illnesses or injuries that need prompt attention, but aren't likely to result in loss of life or severe impairment.

    Reserve your spot online at medical.mit.edu/reserve or call ahead, 617-253-1311.

    Open Mon–Fri, 8 am-8 pm and Sat/Sun 10 am– 4pm.
    24-hour phone assistance is also available; call 617-253-1311.

  • Maintains a safe academic environment and offers emergency medical service 24 hours a day, seven days a week

    For emergencies, dial 100 from any campus phone, or 617-253-1212. For non-emergencies, dial 617-253-2996

  • The Office of Multicultural Programs advises student organizations on event planning, team management, and retreats and provides educational outreach, training opportunities, and celebratory events for the MIT community around diversity and inclusion


  • The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) offers support and referrals for graduate students and graduate administrators

    [[Tags: OGE]]
  • Serves as a neutral, confidential, independent, and informal resource to the diverse MIT community to help resolve and manage conflicts

    [[Tags: advice]], [[Tags: concern]], [[Tags: dispute]]
  • Home of MITx, and OpenCourseWare, the Office of Open Learning aims to use digital learning to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the world


  • We all need help sometimes. MIT has a variety of resources available to support students who need it

  • Offers a wide range of programs and opportunities in public service in the community and around the globe

    [[Tags: experiential learning]], [[Tags: volunteer]], [[Tags: outreach]]
  • The hub of making at MIT, including training, makerbucks, a makerspace database, the Mobius app, and much more


  • The MIT Recycling Office offers resources to help MIT students, faculty, and staff reduce their carbon footprint

    [[Tags: reuse]], [[Tags: recycle]], [[Tags: green campus]]
  • Manages enrollment, registration, graduation, and all other aspects of student academic records

    [[Tags: transcript]], [[Tags: grades]], [[Tags: diploma]], [[Tags: GIR]]
  • Offers spiritual and personal support and guidance to the entire MIT community

    [[Tags: Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddism Judaism christian muslim jewish]], [[Tags: Islam]], [[Tags: Hindu]], [[Tags: Buddism]], [[Tags: Judaism]], [[Tags: Muslim]], [[Tags: Jewish]]
  • Graduate student peers representing Institute-wide (iREFS) or departmental (dREFS) programs that provide low-barrier, confidential services in the form of support, coaching, listening, de-escalation, and informal mentoring and mediation

    [[Tags: conflict]]


  • Provides seed funding for student-initiated entrepreneurship ideas, mentoring from within MIT and from a broad network of committed partners, and tailored educational experiences

    [[Tags: entrepreneur]], [[Tags: start-up]]
  • Real-time MIT shuttle tracker

    [[Tags: Tech Shuttle]], [[Tags: SafeRide]]
  • Support and opportunities for volunteer, work, and study for spouses and partners

    [[Tags: family]]
  • Social Justice Programming & Cross Cultural Engagement Intercultural Center (SPXCE, pronounced "space") provides social justice education, support, community-building, and leadership development

    [[Tags: LGBTQ]], [[Tags: lesbian]], [[Tags: gay]], [[Tags: queer]], [[Tags: trans]]
  • Class websites that enable faculty to share course materials, manage class membership and information exchange, and track student performance

    [[Tags: LMS]]
  • A secure, web-based tool to access your student account and make electronic payments

    [[Tags: tuition]], [[Tags: bill]], [[Tags: payment]], [[Tags: financial aid]], [[Tags: finance]], [[Tags: MITPAY]]
  • Facilitates the student conduct process, which resolves complaints alleging misconduct; advises student judicial committees; and offers workshops and presentations

    [[Tags: cheating]], [[Tags: plagiarism]], [[Tags: honor code]], [[Tags: COD]], [[Tags: Committee on Discipline]], [[Tags: integrity]]
  • Resources available to all registered MIT students to find work on campus or in the community

    [[Tags: job]]
  • Administers need-based financial aid, processes student and parent loans, and manages student billing and student employment

    [[Tags: bill]], [[Tags: finance]], [[Tags: payment]], [[Tags: scholarship]], [[Tags: job]], [[Tags: work study]], [[Tags: SFS]]
  • WebSIS is a web-based student information system for students, faculty, and administrators at MIT

    [[Tags: records]], [[Tags: SIS]], [[Tags: webSIS]]
  • Supports students dealing with personal concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, stress, or other issues

    Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.– 5 p.m. for telehealth visits. For urgent concerns, call 617-253-2916 anytime to speak to a mental health clinician. COVID-19 resources 

    [[Tags: mood]]
  • SOLE provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and create community via student organizations, events, and civic engagement                        

    [[Tags: group]], [[Tags: club]], [[Tags: SAO]]
  • Allows students who are on a meal plan to donate their guest swipes to other students struggling with food insecurity

    [[Tags: dining]]


  • Teacher licensure offered through the Education Arcade and Scheller Teacher Education Program

  • Supports students and faculty by providing instruction and consultation on teaching strategies, pedagogy, research, evaluation, and assessment

    [[Tags: Kaufman]], [[Tags: TA]], [[Tags: TLL]]
  • Debit account linked to your MIT ID; purchase meals, books, laundry, convenience items and more

    [[Tags: money]], [[Tags: finance]], [[Tags: cash]]
  • At-cost grocery store for students offering staples like vegetables, fruit, pasta, dairy, and meats

    [[Tags: food]]
  • The Technology Licensing Office (TLO) provides support to MIT inventors through the protection and licensing of MIT intellectual property and administers the Inventions and Proprietary Information Agreement (IPIA)

    [[Tags: TLO]], [[Tags: innovation]], [[Tags: entrepreneur]]
  • Ways to get to and around campus via bike, the T, campus shuttle, Saferide, and more

    [[Tags: bus]], [[Tags: bicycle]], [[Tags: Bluebike]]
  • Advice, immunizations, and specialized medications for students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad for study, internships, or recreation

  • The MIT International Coordinating Committee (ICC) provides a wide range of resources for travel abroad regarding planning, logistics, health, safety and security, and cultural resources

  • MIT cost of attendance and policies


  • VPR provides confidential help in dealing with sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and unhealthy relationships 

    Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm. Hotline available 24 hours/day: 617-253-2300

    [[Tags: rape]], [[Tags: harrassment]], [[Tags: VPR]]


  • Information and resources about the network of offices, departments, and organizations that support and empower women-identified students at MIT

  • Provides a range of direct services and information to meet the personal and professional needs of MIT’s diverse, global community

    [[Tags: child]], [[Tags: family]], [[Tags: parent]], [[Tags: daycare]], [[Tags: leave]]
  • In-person or online consultation on any writing difficulty, from questions about grammar to matters of style, and oral presentations; specialized help for English as a second language

    [[Tags: edit]]